Our Services

We endeavor to manufacture and
deliver high quality products

We pride ourselves in our long established heritage and culture of quality and observance of both local and universally accepted manufacturing standards and practices. Since our products are used in rather sensitive industry and applications, we cannot afford to take any chances with quality. We endeavor to manufacture and deliver high quality products through engagement of only qualified experts and professionals in our business, application of set and acceptable industry standards and practices, continuous innovation and research and use of high quality materials.

We understand that the products and services we offer can only meet our customers needs if only complemented with dedicated and professional customer service. Therefore, our team of excellent customer support team is an integral part of the experience, products, and services that we offer as Abhishek glass.

Our Products Include

Tubular Glass Vials

Derived from the Greek word “Phiale” which means a broad flat container, a vial can be both tubular or bottle like shape with neck. It is screw neck or plain neck where plain neck is extensively used in pharmaceutical industries and screw neck in diagnostic laboratories.

Glass Droppers

Dropper is made of glass essentially to avoid interaction with oils or chemicals .It is safe and reliable in usage and suitable for dispensing medications and vitamins. Glass dropper is plain or bend neck as required.

Dental Cartridge

It is a device which can be of various configuration and composition .It is used with a syringe for application of anesthesia or other materials to a patient.

These products come with high precision of accuracy, safety,durability and other desirable specifications. They come in different sizes, shapes, color, and material. As if that is not enough, we offer customization to fit our customers’ unique needs and other industrial requirements.

Since we have global presence and our customers come from diverse business and industrial backgrounds, we have established vast networks and partners around the globe that are instrumental in gathering and sharing with us the prevailing local market information and products’ demands so that we can tailor our products to suit the specific customers’ needs.

We welcome any individual or corporation to visit our production facility and inspect our processes and standards. We are a certified glass products manufacturing entity and our premium products and services are fairly priced giving you unequaled value for your money.

Abhishek glass guarantees you variety, quality,  friendly prices, fast and reliable delivery and dedicated customer support. So stop looking any further for a partner in glass products’ supply and contact us today for all your glass products’ needs that are suitable for various purposes including analytical, biotechnology, chromatography, cosmetics, medical, pharmaceuticals etc. Our products can be used or reused in the following ways too:- storing bath salt, as flower vases, holding sprays and perfumes, and for various crafts and display purposes.