A variety of glass dropper and tubular vials and their uses

A variety of glass dropper and tubular vials and their uses

Abhishek glass delivers a great variety of high quality glass droppers and tubular vials for your everyday needs. Its tubular vials come in various colors, shapes, and sizes with use of great and high quality material like borosilicate which is doesn’t react to both chemicals and changes in thermal conditions. Common types of vials as named according to the closure type include crump top, screw twist (large and small), snap ring, shell, lip etc. All these form the rich pool of tubular vials that Abhishek glass offers to its vast and diverse market.

    Tubular vials are essentially used in the following fields:-

  • Analytical, Biotechnology, Cosmetics, Diagnostics, Medical fields, Pharmaceuticals, Chromatography etc. Their specific application include, collecting and storing chemical solutions and powders and at times carrying and keeping small organisms. These applications of course are essential to the mentioned fields which therefore, implies that the tubular vials need to be of required and desired high quality standards. Material used on these vials need to enable them be durable, strong, and reliable with high resistance from reacting with chemicals and to changes in thermal conditions.
  • On the other hand, glass droppers from Abhishek glass come in different and varied varieties which of course apart from coming in different shapes, colors, materials and size, are also different in terms of graduation, safety features like child proof, self sealing etc.
    Applications of glass droppers are many and can be used in various industries like biology, chemistry, in medical fields, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals etc.
    Glass droppers are widely used to:-

  • transfer liquids from one point to another i.e in small amounts mostly in laboratory experiments and tests. Glass dropper is used widely in experiments through carrying and transferring chemicals liquids or powders from one point to the other or in making drops while mixing.
  • suck spilt liquids off surfaces more so those that are toxic or hazardous to living organisms or people.
  • orally administering medication to infants by making use of drops. Can also be used in applying medication to specific parts of the body where precision is important and where other means of administering the medication isn’t possible.
  • storing essential oils and other liquids. For safe keeping and storage of essential oils, glass droppers are ideal. Can provide and reduce exposure to the sun and light apart from keeping the contents safe.
  • administering formulas to infants is also a very useful application of the glass dropper.